Artist Statement – Luke LeTourneau
Sometimes all it takes is a smell or a song to evoke strong emotions. And the same song brings to mind different feelings for various people. That’s what I attempt with my art. I want to convey a visual story to trip a personal emotion and send them on a brief, private journey.
Taking the actual picture is only the first step of my journey. Once I’m in the studio and with today’s technology, my photo can take on its own life to stir up a forgotten memory or another time and place.
I love using textures and overlays to pull as much fantasy as I can out of some images, while other can truly stand on their own.
For 30 years I worked with other artists to print their works. It was very much an artist to artist experience and has proven helpful as I pursue my own style and image personality.
Photography and printing are genuinely the joys of my life